What I'm doing now

I’m temporarily working 9-6 as Head of Operations at an event planning company. I’m doing it as a favor for a close friend, but the benefit is, I get to experiment with working remotely and living in New York.

I’m finishing up my work on Nuxtent, a Nuxt.js content module. I built it primarily so that I could port my site over from Jekyll to Nuxt. In fact, as we speak, I’m in the process of doing so, and as I redesign it, I’m drawing inspiration from Utterson, an old Jekyll blog theme I created. (Note: I also recently created the Nuxtent documentation using Nuxtent itself, and ported over the Ency.js documentation to Nuxtent, too.)

For the next few weeks, my main focus will be applying to jobs (my temporary employment ends in September). I’ll also be creating Studbits-and following through this time.

And finally, now that my site is basically ready, I’m aiming to write more; or at least, whenever inspiration hits I’ll have no excuse not to write, since I’ll know my thoughts will have a home.